About us

Sacred Portrayal
And with the new dawn.. she rises
Lux of Aurora translates to: Light of dawn
These words hold a special meaning and represent the intended purpose of the products you will find in this space. Coming from Latin origins, Lux means light while Aurora means dawn. Dating back centuries, Latin poetry as well as Roman mythology describe a goddess named Aurora, the goddess of dawn. Many scholars as well as spiritual leaders have suggested that mythology is not a myth at all, but rather a true tale of the times that were. It has been said that every morning, Aurora the goddess of dawn arose from the sea and rode on her horse-drawn chariot across the sky ahead of the sun, carrying a pitcher from which she sprinkled dew upon the earth bringing on the newborn day from the dark nights sky.
My business & products are personal. I hope that this will translate into the experience you gain within their presence.
So let me introduce myself, I AM Maja.
For many years I have felt lost, disconnected and was unsure of my place and purpose in life. In 2019 I began a spiritual healing journey encompassing self-reflection and acknowledgment of past traumas. This ultimately uncovered the rawest of emotions and deeply etched pains but also exposed my personal truth and purpose. This journey to find the highest part of myself was one, which consisted of who I really was, what has shaped me up until now, and what has broken me in the past. This exploration led to me to the I AM. At first these two words may seem simplistic however the significance of how we apply these two words to our day to day lives is enormous. In fact, it is how we use these two seemingly simple words that shapes our reality. Our self-belief, self-concept, and how our energy attracts our deepest desires are dependent on how we use these two words when speaking of oneself.
As the legend goes, she uncovered, she surrenders and then, she rose again. Just like a phoenix rises from the ashes. Awakening and rising from the depths of darkness, reborn in the divine light, the power lies within.
I am powerful, I am the master of my own fate, I am my own muse. All products found in this sanctuary are made in ritual with love and light and with only the best of intentions. It is my desire that these candles will open you up to your own sacred space and allow you to begin your own journey.
And this is how she rises, a new dawn.