Holistic Wellbeing - Spiritual healing & mindset coaching


I, Maja, am a spiritual healer & mindset coach, using intuitive & holistic healing approaches. I am passionate about guiding individuals on their own journey & healing. Helping you connect to your mind, body & spirit through Ashati, alsemia & reiki. These tools allow me to guide you in personal growth in all aspects of your life.

My own spiritual journey has led me to uncover my spiritual gifts & powers. If you are familiar with my product range or are a newcomer who is seeking alternative sources of enlightenment, clarity or fullfillness of your inner being. My candles are produced in a sacred ritual bringing only the purest of intentions and positivity, each to serve and assist you with aligning you to your higher self, provide higher energy vibrations and draw out the innate powers of the crystals.

My spiritual healing & mindset coaching focuses on energy, emotional and mental healing which assists in personal and spiritual development. This is to help you heal your body, mind, and soul, expand your consciousness and higher senses. Through Ashanti energy, I help you understand your thoughts, emotions and connect with your higher self. It is about removing and re-balancing emotional blockages, changing limiting perspectives and beliefs, expanding awareness, exploring the mind, letting go of fears, moving forward and so much more.

I am an intuitive healer and a soul guide, here to help empower you.

Let your journey begin. To book in a time, send an email to info@luxofaurora.com.au