Sacred ritual

All products found within this sanctuary are made in sacred ritual with love and light. The process by which these products are lovingly made, encompasses myself personally tuning in the purest of energies from the powerful Ashati, Alsemia & Reiki techniques. Astrological energy patterns are also thoughtfully considered and utilized in order to maximize on the ritualistic nature and intention of all products to provide the highest energy vibrations possible. Together, these healing energies complement one another, to create tranquility, harmony, and balance in the candle.

It is my deepest desire that the strength of the ritualistic manner in which each product is created, is felt, and can assist you on your journey, whatever that may entail. Of the upmost importance is the intention to support and enhance your connection with your higher self should you be ready to expand your spiritual knowledge, intensify your wisdom and realign with your highest self.

The ritual by which the candles are created is supported by the carefully selected crystals, each with their own natural innate powers, and included to enhance your personal sacred space and assist in the manifestations of your souls deepest desires.  

My wish is that you open yourself up to the possibilities, and find a way to your sacred alter, where you can submerge with the ancient powers of these healing crystals. The sacred alter is a personal place for you to harness spiritual energy.

Each complimentary scent is thoughtfully selected to create a space of wellbeing and peace through your senses.

May these products assist you to awaken the true self within, restore your faith and rise from any darkness into the divine light. The power lies within.

I am powerful; I am the master of my own fate; I am my own muse.