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Lux of Aurora

I AM Aquarius

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Our crystal infused scented candle, created from soy & coconut wax. Made in sacred ritual, hand poured with love. 

I AM Aquarius. Independent, creative & intellectual

January 20 - February 18  -  Element: Air  -  Ruler: Uranus & Saturn

 Infused with Amethyst, Aquamarine & Obsidian. 

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the Water Bearer. Those born under this sign are often good communicators and will often do well in careers requiring these skills. Aquarians are typically highly intelligent and need constant stimulation. They love adventure, travel, learning, and sharing new experiences with others.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer S
Amazing Aquarius

This is one of the most beautiful and well crafted candles I have ever purchased. It also has a delightful smell and the three crystals a lovely