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Lux of Aurora

I AM Healed - Clear Quartz Seamless Travel Tin

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Buy 3 crystal infused travel tins candles for $50

Coconut & lime scent - 6oz Seamless Travel Tins, with a beautiful Matt Black finish.  Approximate Burn Time: 22hrs

Our Clear Quartz crystal infused scented candle, created from soy & coconut wax. Made in sacred ritual, hand poured with love. 

Clear Quartz radiates with cleansing, purification & energizing. It is also the master healer.  

A versatile stone that can do it all. This translucent mineral is full of light, transmuting all negative energy & surrounding you in positive energy. It is purifying both physically & emotionally, bringing you back to a balanced state.  

Chakra: Higher Crown & crown.