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Lux of Aurora

I AM Motivated - Orange Calcite

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This scented candle is handmade with soy and coconut wax, infused with the healing powers of genuine Orange Calcite to harness the energy of the stone, helping you discover and embrace your soul purpose.

When was the last time you invested in yourself? In your Spiritual Journey? Orange Calcite radiates with passion, grounding and ambition! 

Orange calcite is powerful cleansing and energising stone that can bring you vitality, ambition and accelerated development. It will encourage you to be your true self and follow your passion. If you feel that something is holding you back, Orange calcite will help you in uncovering the limiting thoughts and beliefs. Discover what is truly important to you, and find ways to fulfil your reason for being here on Earth. The stone increases vitality whilst promoting happiness & joy. 

Chakra; Solar plexus & sacral 

Approximate Burn Time: 60hrs

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Love this candle!

This candle is so gorgeous and pretty. Perfect for my living area. Also makes my house smell divine!