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Lux of Aurora

I AM Protected - Black Tourmaline

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Our Black Tourmaline crystal infused scented candle, created from soy & coconut wax . Made in sacred ritual, hand poured with love.

Our soy and coconut wax candle has been crafted from a Black Tourmaline crystal which has been infused in the wax. Made in sacred ritual and hand poured with love, our scented candle radiates re-energising protection, grounding and purification. With a burn time of up to 60 hours, you can relax knowing that your candle was created with less negative impact on the planet through its natural ingredients. Enjoy the clean burn time and enhance your wellbeing with this luxurious gift. Perfect for yourself or someone special.

Our black tourmaline scented candle invokes a powerful sense of protection whilst helping you to create the sacred space you need at home or in your office. 

Black Tourmaline radiates with protection, grounding & purification. It clears energy blocks whilst aligning chakras to encourage flow of energy. This grounding stone absorbs and repels all external negative energy. It also has the power to remove internal negative energy creating a positive state of being. this stone brings a sense of balance, is believed to boost vitality & the immune system.

Charka: Root, earth & higher earth.

Approximate Burn Time: 60hrs

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Richa Walia

Absolutely love it

Amanda Jurukovski

This is one of my favourite candles by far!! It’s the only brand that makes my house smell divine! The scent lingers for ages and has such a great burning time! I can’t wait to buy more!!!

Lisa Mcclean

My go to for anything crystal candles related! Can’t count how many orders I’ve made, i am simply obsessed. Absolutely love the detail that goes into every order, and every time i receive a package it makes my day! They are divine smelling, they are beautifully made and the make my entire house smell amazing!